Bewafa, Episode 8: Ali Rehman Khan and Naveen Waqar’s Show Gains Momentum

ARY’s “Bewafa” focuses on Ahaan and Kinza, a married couple with cracks in their marriage.  The cracks widen as Ahaan begins spending time with his secretary, Shireen, at work.  With Shireen’s sights set on Ahaan, it quickly becomes apart that Shireen is determined to become a part of Ahaan’s life – despite his wife’s existence.  As “Bewafa” progressed after episode 2, the tone began to feel all-too-familiar to drama viewers – a cheating husband, a betrayed wife and the homewrecker who does not respect the sanctity of marriage.  And while the story felt almost too predictable to continue with, it has finally taken a turn that may be interesting to watch. 
In episode 8, Shireen (Ushna Shah) vows to get revenge on Kinza (Naveen Waqar) for slapping her and humiliating her in front of her family.  On the other end, Kinza begins to notice a change in Ahaan’s behavior and questions him about it, but he brushes off her concerns.  Ahaan visits Shireen, who continues to sweet talk, telling Ahaan that she will never leave him and will stand by his side through everything – and will even tolerate Kinza’s anger.  Later, Kinza’s sister-in-law visits and when she and Kinza get into a spat, she shows Kinza the pictures of Ahaan and Shireen together, telling Kinza that if needed, her servant quarters are available, making it clear that Kinza is not welcome in her home.
Kinza is shattered, breaking down and she confronts Ahaan when he comes home.  Ahaan admits to the marriage and Kinza tells him to get out, otherwise she will kill him or herself.  Ahaan’s mother takes Kinza’s side and tells him that she will not support him in this, though he tries to pass off the marriage as a good deed.  Kinza continues to cry in private while Ahaan also hears it from Kinza’s brother and again from his own mother.  When Kinza’s brother tells Kinza to come home with him, she tells him she will stay in her own house, aware that she’s not welcome by her sister-in-law.  Kinza tells Ahaan to bring Shireen into the house, surprising Ahaan as he’s left wondering why Kinza would want this.
The greatest tragedy in this entire story is the effect the tensions between husband and wife are having on their young son.  With their attention diverted elsewhere – Kinza on her failing marriage and suspicions and Ahaan on his second wife and guilt -, the child is being mistreated and abused by his maid.  These scenes are very difficult to watch and make the viewer angry that his parents are so unaware of the evil behavior of this woman.  It’s true that the greatest victims in a marriage falling apart can tend to be the children if their emotional needs aren’t taken care of.  In this story, the parents aren’t divorced or separated, but emotionally, their child is being scarred due to the tensions in the house. 
The performances by all 3 actors are good, but it’s another thing that the storyline itself is infuriating and does not stand to be much different from anything else audiences have seen in previous “dusri biwi” storylines.  It also has to be said that there have been several slaps seen in the OST and the promos, which immediately make one wonder if a show depicting lying, cheating and then shaming a woman for being angry over betrayal is a show that should be given any importance?  That being said, the way the show has been shot makes it mildly intriguing and it will be interesting to see how Kinza and Shireen behave once living under one roof with both determined to destroy the other.


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